Make Your Own Miki Bot – Discord Bot Guide

“Miki Bot” is a great option for any Discord server. If you’re looking to step up your game and introduce some fun into your community, this is it!

But what if you could create your own version of a Miki Discord Bot 100% customized to your server? Now that would be awesome.

After reading this post you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to create your own, custom version of Miki Bot for your Discord server. There are no limits here. You’ll truly be able to make it do whatever you’d like.

We’ll start by covering the features Miki Bot has, its most popular commands, and then walk through the bot creation process for creating a custom version of this bot for yourself. Let’s get started!

What is Miki Bot?

Miki Bot is a comprehensive Discord community bot that allows you to customize profiles, unlock achievements, interact through a marriage system, and even earn experience points and currency through games like blackjack. Miki is the answer if you want to spice up your Discord server.

Miki Bot is available open-source here on GitHub. It is no longer available from the original site, so you’ll have to self-host.

Making your own Discord bot doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you understand some very basic programming, you’ll be able to make it work. There are development tools called “libraries” available today for Discord, which give you a way to very easily access all of the functionality you’d want your bot to have.

If you want to learn how to create your own version of Miki Bot in the simplest way possible, we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

Miki Bot Features

Miki is Open Source

Before we dive into Miki Bot’s features, you should know that this entire bot is open source (all of the code is available publicly). This means you can look at all of the code behind the scenes and see how the commands are put together. Just note that it’s written in C#.

If you don’t know C#, that’s okay, keep reading and we’ll break down all of the features, commands, and modules one by one!

If you want to take a look at the code, here is the GitHub repository:

The /modules/ folder contains all of the primary modules and commands. The rest of the folders are related to its API, Databases, etc.

For our purposes of creating our own Miki Bot, you’ll want to pay attention to the modules folder:

Miki Bot Commands and Modules

Miki was created in a series of modules, all of which have certain commands and capabilities.

Right now the following modules exist within Miki Bot:

Accounts Module

Keeps track of anything related to your account.

This includes the leaderboards, your profile, money commands (the Miko Bot currency is called “Mekos”), and some reputation commands for giving someone a rep (you can give 3 reputation points per day).

Miki Accounts Commands

>setlocale <language>
>setnotifications <options> <all/none>
>setprefix <prefix>

Achievements Module

There are achievements built into Miki Bot — let’s run through them one at a time. There are achievements for getting achievements (4 levels). There are donator achievements for using donator keys (3 levels). Miki also has gambling achievements, level achievements, money, voting, and secret achievements.

Miki Achievements List

To look at these achievements in more detail, take a look here:

Actions Module

The actions module contains a series of commands for communicating with other players. There are commands like “>ask [ question ]” where you can ask another person something, all the way to “>hug [ something/someone ]” and “>poke [ something/someone ]”.

Miki Actions Commands

>ask [context]
>cake [something/someone]
>cuddle [something/someone]
>glare [something/someone]
>highfive [something/someone]
>hug [something/someone]
>kiss [something/someone]
>pat [something/someone] or >pet [something/someone]
>poke [something/someone]
>punch [something/someone]
>slap [something/someone]

For a listing of all the actions commands Miki Bot has, take a look here:

Admin Module

As we would expect, these are all administrative commands for managing your server. You can ban users, remove the last 100 messages from Miki with the clean command, and even kick users.

Miki Admin Commands

>ban <@user> [reason]
>kick <@user> [reason]
>prune <amount>
>prune <amount> <@user>
>softban <@user> [reason]
>setevent <event> 1 or 0
>setcommand <command> 1 or 0
>setmodule <module> 1 or 0

A full listing of administrative commands is available here:

Anime Module

There is an Anime module as a part of Miki that searches for anime based on the term you type in. For example, you can type “>findanime [term]” and Miki will respond with some anime.

Miki Anime Commands

>findanime [term]
>findcharacter [term]
>findmanga [term]
>getanime [term]
>getcharacter [term]
>getmanga [term]

All anime commands are viewable here:

Donator Module

This is a donation module for supporting the bot creator through Patreon. Donator commands are exclusive only to those who donated and have a few special features built-in.

Miki Donator Commands

>box <text> [@user/image attachment]
>disability [@user]
>redeemkey <key>
>sellkey <key>
>tohru <text>
>trapcard [@user]
>truth <text>

Event Messages Module

Whenever someone joins or leaves your server, you can send them a message! This module has commands for setting join/leave messages to your Discord.

Miki Event Message Commands

>testmessage <joinserver/leaveserver>

Event Message Dynamic Strings

You can include these dynamic strings in your messages. For example, to display the username of the person joining include -u in your message.

-u = username 
-um = user mention 
-o = guild owner 
-om = guild owner mention 
-s = guild name 
-sc = guild count 

Fun Module

This is likely a module you want to re-create and build for your Discord since it’ll let your members interact with your bot and spur conversations! The fun command contains everything from random images of birds, cats, and dogs, all the way to giving you random puns and setting reminders.

Miki Fun Module Commands

>box <text> [@user/image attachment]
>disability [@user]
>redeemkey <key>
>sellkey <key>
>tohru <text>
>trapcard [@user]
>truth <text>
Command and syntax
>8ball [text]
>gif <tags>
>img <tags>
>pick <choice 1>, <choice 2>, [choice 3], ...
>reminder <action> in <time>
>reminder -list
>reminder -clear <reminder code>
>roll [number]
>roll r[number]d[sides]
>roll [spicy stuff]
>safe <tags>
>ship <user/mention>

The full list of fun commands is viewable here:

Gambling Module

In the gambling module, you can gamble away the Miko bot currency (mekos) by playing slots, blackjack, flipping heads or tails on a coin, or betting on a game of rock paper scissors.

Miki Gambling Commands

>slots <amount>
>blackjack <amount> 
>flip <amount> <heads:tails> [-bonus]
>lottery buy [amount of tickets to buy]
>rps <amount> <rock:paper:scissors>

To see all of the slot win values available in Miki along with the gambling commands, check out this link:

Gaming Module

The gaming module lets you view your profile for a specific set of games. Right now the only games available built-in to Miki bot are Taiko, Osu Catch the Beat, Osu Standard, Osu Mania, and Overwatch. Once you create your own version of Miki, you’ll be able to add more games as you desire.

Miki Gaming Commands

>taiko <username>
>ctb <username>
>osu <username>
>owuser <user#discriminator> [-c:competitive] [-eu/-us/-kr]
>mania <username>

General Module

These are general commands every server requires. It has giveaways, a help command, a ping command, searching the Urban Dictionary, etc.

Miki General Commands

>avatar [@user]
>calc <expression>
>giveaway <name of item> [arguments]
>prefix, miki.prefix
>urban <phrase>
>whois [@user]

A full list of General commands for Miki is available here:

Guild Accounts Module

Miki Bot has guilds, and in turn, lets you view guild info, your guild bank, and your guild profiles.

Miki Guild Commands

>guildbank [arguments]
>guildconfig expneeded <value>
>guildconfig visible <yes/no>

All of the guild commands built-in to Miki are viewable here:

Marriage Module

One of the most unique features Miki Bot contains – marriage. You can see who proposed to you, accept or decline marriages, and even propose to marry Discord server members.

Miki Marriage Commands

>marry <username>
>acceptmarriage <user>
>declinemarriage <user>
>cancelmarriage <number>
>divorce <number>

All of the Miki marriage commands are viewable here:

NSFW Module

These are NSFW (not safe for work) commands, and only work in channels whose name begins with NSFW – and is marked NSFW in Discord.

Miki NSFW Commands

>danbooru <tags>
>gelbooru <tags>
>rule34 <tags>
>e621 <tags>
>yandere <tags>

To see the current NSFW commands built into Miki, check out this link:

Pasta Module

Good old copypasta. These commands are related to creating copypasta, upvoting, downvoting, and listing various copypastas on your Discord server. You can also search the copypasta database.

Miki Pasta Commands

>createpasta <single word><content>
>deletepasta <name of pasta>
>editpasta <name of pasta> <content>
>hatepasta <name of pasta>
>hatedpasta <name of pasta>
>infopasta <name of pasta>
>lovepasta <name of pasta>
>lovedpasta <name of pasta>
>mypasta <page>
>pasta <name>
>searchpasta <keyword>

Full list of pasta commands here:

Reactions Module

The reactions module pulls a picture of an anime girl showing a number of emotions. The currently included emotions include Confused, Crying, Lewd, Pouting, Smug, and Staring.

Miki Reactions Commands


Role Management Module

Miki Bot includes roles, which can be configured, assigned, and bought with Mekos.

Miki Role Management Commands

>iamlist [page number]
>iam <role>
>iamnot <role>

Configure Role

The primary configure role command:

>configrole <role name> <arguments> 

Arguments (<arguments>) for configure role:

-role-required:(role name)

To see a full role command list, click here:

Settings Module

And last but not least, the settings module of Miki. This has commands to list supported languages, configure notifications for your guild, and show what commands and modules are enabled in a specific channel.

Miki Settings Commands

>setlocale <language>
>setnotifications <options> <all/none>
>setprefix <prefix>

All of the settings commands can be viewed here:

Creating Your Own Miki Bot

6 Miki Bot 2 - Miki Bot

Now that we’ve gone through all of Miki Bot’s features, you’ve probably had some more ideas into what’s possible or what you’d like to create for your own custom Discord server.

But the big question still remains: How do you create your own version of Miki Bot?

Well, you’re in luck!

We’re looking for interested Discord bot creators to teach how to go from a simple idea to a full-blown Discord Bot!

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