About Us

We love helping people just like you “Write Bots”.

Writebots - Teaching Bot Creation

And when we say “write”, we mean “code” or “program” or “create” your own automated bots for a variety of platforms.

If you’ve ever been interested in automation.

If you find yourself wondering how that awesome software just solved a crazy puzzle.

If you like impressing your friends by creating a sneaky Discord bot that replies on “secret command”.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a “game bot” that plays for you while you calmly sit there watching re-runs of your favorite TV show.

Or even if you’re just someone who likes tinkering around in code and coming up with new awesome ideas.

Automation Rules The World - Writebots

Well, then I’ll just come out and say it — You might actually like this place!

This is a community where you can start learning the skills you need to go out and automate repetitive tasks, interface with application programming interfaces (APIs), and do some really neat stuff if you put your mind to it.

So go ahead. I dare you.

Take a peek around WriteBots.com and see what you find…

We Build Bot Mona Lisas - Writebots

Your next “Bot Mona Lisa” could be right around the corner…